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Boys really rallied together

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So, when Yuzura comes and tries to talk to her and understand

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Poets like Rudaki were amongst the first after the centuries

The book that defines Iranians

canada goose coats on sale To say that, by and large, we Iranians are proud of our ancient culture and the Persian language often to a fault is to point out the obvious. In naming our children, we look back to our emperors and the legendary heroes of ancient Iran. We revel in the syrupy sweetness of Persian as the words of Hafez, Rumi and myriad other mystics and bards languidly roll off our tongues, leaving us and our audiences spellbound. We believe, as canada goose coats on sale Sa once wrote, that mankind is one, but nonetheless regard our roots and distinct identity with an ineffable reverence and joy. Yet, there might have been relatively little left of canada goose clearance our indigenous culture and the Persian language to celebrate today, had one particular poet not been around. canada goose coats on sale

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Canada Goose online Completed by Abolqasem canadian goose jacket Ferdowsi in the canada goose clearance sale early 11th Century, the Shahnameh (Book of Kings) is not only a buy canada goose jacket literary masterpiece, but also a book that has for centuries helped define Iran and the Iranian peoples, as well as cheap Canada Goose safeguard the existence of the Persian language. It is not an epic about a single defining event, a fantastical voyage, or a particular pair or star crossed lovers or arch rivals, as is the case with many national epics. Although certainly brimming with the aforementioned, the canada goose outlet Shahnameh is an epic centred around the very essence and soul of Iran; and, while ancient Iran is its chief object, the book messages are timeless, and in many cases may well have been written for humanity as a whole. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket cheap Breaking the canada goose silence buy canada goose jacket cheap

To appreciate the importance of Ferdowsi magnum opus, it is crucial to understand the context in which it was written. After the Arab invasion of Iran in the 7th Century and the fall of the Sassanian Empire, there followed one of the darkest periods in Iran history. Under the reign of Iran foreign occupiers, adherents of its indigenous monotheistic Zoroastrian faith were persecuted, libraries were burned, and the Persian language vehemently suppressed during, as Iranians term it, the centuries of silence With Islam being the new order of the day, and Arabic the language of Iran new governors, the Persian language was, as with Zoroastrianism and indigenous Iranian culture as a whole, at risk of extinction. While some submitted to the yoke of the occupiers and tried to find Canada Goose sale a place for themselves within a strange new world, other Iranians chose to resist.

cheap Canada Goose Before his time, Ferdowsi home province of Khorasan in northeast Iran had been a hotbed of popular uprisings against Iran Arab occupiers, and the region in general was enjoying a revival of all things Persian under the reign Canada Goose Parka of the Iranian Samanids between 819 and 1005 AD, administratively based in Bukhara in present day Uzbekistan. Poets like Rudaki were amongst the first after the centuries of silence to write in Modern Persian, which had evolved from the Middle Persian of the Sassanian era; and, by the time Ferdowsi set to work on the Shahnameh, there already existed two other versions of it. The 10th Century poet Daqiqi had written some 1,000 odd verses of his Khodainameh, based on a book now known as the Abu Mansuri Shahnameh, after its patron, one Abu Mansur. Daqiqi, however, was killed by his slave before he could complete his paean to Iran; and so, picking up where Daqiqi had left off (his verses are included and acknowledged in Ferdowsi version), Ferdowsi sat down to finish the story with the support of his Samanid patrons. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose uk outlet From Aryanam Vaejah to Iran canada goose uk outlet

uk canada goose outlet Simply put, the Shahnameh is a compendium of indigenous, pre Islamic myths, legends, and historical episodes relating to the Irano Aryans, written in a relatively form of Modern Persian largely devoid of foreign loanwords. Although Iran national epic, the emphasis is on the Iranians as a people, especially as the Iran in the Shahnameh does not necessarily correspond to modern day Iran, or even the Iran of Canada Goose Outlet Ferdowsi time. Aside from its ever changing borders, one also needs to consider the difference between the ancient Iranian homeland Aryanam Vaejah, meaning of the Aryans and present day Iran (a simplification of Aryanam Vaejah, simply meaning to which the Iranians migrated. uk canada goose outlet

canadian goose jacket According to Dick Davis, translator of the Penguin edition of the Shahnameh, Aryanam Vaejah almost certainly [in] Central Asia: modern Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, [and] Tajikistan It is for this reason, for instance, that the Alborz Mountains Ferdowsi speaks of, and which are so central to Zoroastrian lore, are not the present day ones in northern Iran, or why, as Davis says, modern Sistan is largely to the west of the ancient Sistan Expanding on the location of Iran in the Shahnameh, Davis posits that: the poem mythical and early legendary sections, Iran is in what is now northern Khorasan, and reaches as far north as present day Bokhara and Samarkand and it reaches as far east as the Helmand province in Afghanistan With the Sassanians, Iran becomes more or less modern Iran. Scholars typically divide the book into three The first, the mythical, begins with the world creation and the reign of Keyumars, the first Iranian king (and man on Earth), and continues with stories such as that of the legendary Jamshid and his fall from grace, and canada goose store the foreign, demonic Zahhak, who is buried alive by the blacksmith Kaveh. canadian goose jacket

canada goose factory sale From here, the story progresses to the heroic age, which contains the bulk of the epic most beloved and well known tales, and which has at its core the rivalry between the Iranians, west of the Oxus River in Central Asia, and the Turanians to the east. Although Ferdowsi calls the Turanians in his poem (as Turks inhabited the area in his lifetime), they are actually Iranian. Turanians] are clearly a separate branch of the Iranian people, says Davis. Iran Turan rivalry almost certainly derives from a dimly remembered prehistoric enmity between two branches of the Iranian peoples. A valiant hero like none other in the book, he canada goose coats battles with divs (devils), gets kings out of sticky situations, and, like Hercules, undergoes seven trials. He also happens, in a case of mistaken identity, to kill his son, Sohrab, in one of the epic most tragic and harrowing episodes. Also of note is the ill fated Siyavash, who, after proving his innocence in a trial by fire (having been accused of rape by his lusty, scheming stepmother), is later murdered at the hands of the Turanians. Ending with the death of Rostam, the book makes a jump of sorts to the historical age, which begins with the invasion of Alexander, and ends on a rather caustic note with that of the Muslim Arabs in the 7th Century. Although they use historical events and figures as starting points, the stories here have been greatly Canada Goose online embellished and exaggerated for dramatic effect. canada goose factory sale

canada goose Ferdowsi died a poor and brokenhearted man and was buried in his own orchard canada goose

uk canada goose While things started out well for Ferdowsi, he didn have a particularly happy ending. Before he could complete the book, his Samanid patrons were vanquished by the Ghaznavid Turks. Depressed, Ferdowsi then, according to Samarkandi, went to a bathhouse, had a beer, and gave the money canada goose deals to canada goose black friday sale the attendants there. uk canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet Later, feeling remorse for his behaviour towards the poet upon whom, as the introduction of one extant Shahnameh manuscript suggests, he had conferred the sobriquet ( Sultan Mahmud sent 60,000 dinars worth of indigo to Ferdowsi. But alas, it was too late: at the same time the indigo was being delivered, Ferdowsi corpse was being taken to the cemetery, where it was denied burial on account of his professed Shi faith. He died a poor and brokenhearted man and was buried in his own orchard. Canada Goose Outlet

cheap canada goose uk A legend after his lifetime cheap canada goose uk

buy canada goose jacket Although downcast at the time Sultan Mahmud snubbed him, Ferdowsi knew what he achieved. Amongst Iranians today, Ferdowsi enjoys a status comparable with that of Cyrus the Great. So much is he revered and honoured that some have even credited him with singlehandedly saving the Persian language from oblivion, not to mention the memory of many of Iran ancient myths and legends. This, according to Davis, is as the Persian revival had been in full swing before Ferdowsi time. of the definitions of a major literary work, says Davis, that it speaks cogently to different generations, and not necessarily in the same way for each generation, and the Shahnameh has done this for many people for a thousand years Yes, the tales are riveting and masterfully composed; but they are also didactic, replete with life lessons, sage advice, and observations on the ways of the world. Ferdowsi extols wisdom, faith, courage, patriotism, and justice, warns his readers of the fickleness of fortune, and notwithstanding the self determining Zoroastrian faith of his heroes laments the ineluctability of fate. As such, the Shahnameh is as edifying as it is entertaining. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Online A favourite of every Iranian dynasty, whether native or foreign, since its completion, and adored by the Ottoman Turks and the Mughals of India, it is still revered in a multitude of countries, from Turkey and Georgia in the West, to Tajikistan in the East, to name only a few. It has also featured prominently in contemporary works of literature and art, such as Orhan Pamuk My Name is Red, Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner, and Shirin Neshat Book of Kings series of portraits. And, while the Shahnameh with its celebration of royalty and pre Islamic Iran has been considered anathema by some in Iran since the 1979 Revolution, Ferdowsi detractors there have had no choice but to embrace him, so firmly rooted is he in the hearts of Iranians and deservedly so. did I toil during these decades three, he famously wrote of his labours. Iranians I revived with this Parsi (Persian) you would like to comment on this story or anything else you have seen on BBC Culture, head over to our Facebook page or message us on Twitter Canada Goose Online.

A good number of the rest of the words end in «an» such as

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