I’m behind in line for «the loo

«I had two years with Wayne. Him and Dave Rennie were our coaches, and he [Smith] was our defensive coach. He looked at our opponents and how to defend individuals and teams. In August 2014, when 346 people were treated on trolleys, the INMO claimed that these numbers were more than double those in August 2013. «These figures, and the increased level of overcrowding and loss of dignity to patients, represent a dire warning, for the entire health system and the government,» said an INMO spokesperson. «This level of overcrowding, as a result of ever increasing demand, also confirms that there is an immediate need for additional bed capacity (both acute and continuing care) to deal properly, safely and respectfully with admitted patients requiring in patient care.» Liam Doran, general secretary of the INMO, said: «The trolley/ward watch figures for August are truly shocking and represent a clear warning that our health service has already cut back too deeply.

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